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Japanese designed home in Leura

Living area with Juliette Balcony

The Sloping Site Solution - Spantec

If you have a sloping site one of the best ways to build a practical & economical home is by using the patent "Spantec" steel floor system. We have been using the Spantec system now for many years and highly recommend it for all sloping sites. It's more economical that many other construction systems in most cases, its great to build on-site being easy to handle and well designed and makes the sub-floor area more practical to use for storage or other rooms with less posts and larger bearer & joist spans. Best of all is extremely strong and durable.

Pier holes drilled for steel posts

Spantec delivery to site

Spantec delivery to site

Pier set-out

Steel post & bearer set-out

Steel bearers & joists started

Spantec steel bearers & joists

Joists being installed

View from under Spantec floor

Installing joists

Installing joists

Entry porch step down

Spantec joists completed

Step down to entry porch

Flooring starting to be installed

Installing flooring with step down to bathroom

Central McDonald new home

Pole home built on sloping site
in bushfire area at Kurrajong

Lightweight steel floor bushfire home

Pole home on sloping block
at Wisemans Ferry

The Spantec system is not only extremely strong and durable it is very fast to install on-site. The company is extremely professional and provides excellent documentation.


Spantec provides detailed working drawings for construction, including:

  • Pad footing layout
  • Ezipier layout
  • Bearer marking layout including join locations
  • Floor Joists layout
  • Step down locations
  • Bracket marking plan and connection details
  • Bracing layout


On-site labour is greatly reduced, as;

  • All bearers, joists and beams rolled and cut to the exact length required on-site
  • Bearers are pre-punched with locating holes for brackets and printed with part numbers 
  • All brackets, boils, screws & connections are supplied, ready for installation 
  • Posts are adjustable making on-site levelling easy and very accurate


Although the Spantec system is a great solution for sloping sites there are special considerations that should be made for the project as a whole, some items include;

  • Siteworks (e.g. peering, cut & filling)
  • Point loads (e.g. roof, beams, stone bath tubs, piano's, fireplace, etc)
  • Bushfire requirements (e.g. sub-floor enclosure, decking)
  • BASIX sub-floor insulation requirements 
  • Sea-salt spray for projects located cost to the ocean or salt water pools
  • Water tanks & storage use of sub-floor space
  • Balustrade, roof post and beam design
  • Post support (rock, pads, concrete peering, screw piers, site slip, etc)
  • Materials on-site handling

There are many solutions to these items. Contact our office for more information if you have a sloping site that needs a practical and economical solution

Fire resistant deck and balustrade

Leura Timbercrete home on sloping site & high bushfire area

Storybook Home at Wilberforce

Economical bushfire home with a view