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St. Pauls Grammar School
Marsden Park Public School
Computer room fitout
Richmond Fire Station

Forming up tilt-up concrete panels ready for concrete pour


Formed panels with ferrels & reinforcing bars


Concrete pour of tilt-up concrete panels


Tilt-up concrete panels being lifted into position


Lifting tilt-up panels into position

For more than 40 years O'Mara has been building commercial and industrial developments.
Commercial projects are basically shops.
Industrial projects are factories or buildings primary concerned with industry.

Our company has completed various industrial projects over the years. We have built factory units, fire stations, school projects, just to name a few. Projects include the use of tilt-up concrete panels, concrete blocks, brickwork and alike.

You do not require a builders' license to build industrial units and clients are not protected by the home owners' warranty insurance scheme. Therefore industrial construction is well known for its lack of quality control and use of low quality tradesmen. Clients would be advised to use a reputable licensed builder with a good domestic experience in lieu of an unlicensed builder.

The main elements of construction for factory units are concrete and steel. The design of the factory units, especially the engineering design can greatly affect the final construction cost. It is our opinion that a builder should be consulted early in the design stage to ensure the most economical design is completed.

We are currently renovating a extensive 3000m2 factory in the Blue Mountains


Crane erecting concrete panels


Tilt-up concrete panels in-situ & braced


Erecting tilt-up panels


Lifting bars on tilt-up panels


Our latest Industrial projects include ;

  • Factory renovation & internal office fitout at Lawson in the Blue Mountains
  • Office administration building renovation & fit out for Boystown at San Miguel complex at Freeman's Reach
  • 10 tilt-up concrete factory units - 91 Fairey Road, South Windsor
  • 4 tilt-up concrete factories at Mulgrave
  • New Land Sales office for Glenmore Park housing estate
  • Drive through dry cleaners - 232 George Street, Windsor
  • LOMBARDS Pawnbrokers & Second hand Shop - 278 George Street, Windsor
  • Wood Fired Pizza EMBERS Restaurant  - 332 Windsor St, Richmond
  • Liquorland bottle shop - Windsor (near Woolworths)
  • Old Post Office Windsor - Restoration of old post office
  • Commonwealth Bank Windsor - Major renovations
  • Horderns Retail Premises - Windsor (now Star real estate)
  • Shops and town houses - 518 George Street,  South Windsor (Cnr Campbell St) - now Pizza shop, hair dresser & TC Copy centre
  • Soo's Chinese Restaurant - 515 George St, South Windsor
  • Medical Centre & Chemist retail outlet  - South Windsor
  • Shop addition - the Mall in Windsor

Erecting structural steel prior to purlin installation


Concrete pour of suspended office concrete slab


Office shopfront glass with steel purlins


Although many commercial projects may seem simple there are many items that will undoubtedly require special consideration;
ₕ Proximity of boundaries to buildings
ₕ Fire protection
ₕ Power supply, connection and fee's
ₕ Commercial grease trap requirements
ₕ Commercial kitchen design
ₕ Public toilet design
ₕ Disabled access
ₕ Street façade design
ₕ Traffic flow and maintenance
ₕ Security from theft & vandalism

We can advise on the best methods of how to design and construct your next commercial or industrial development to your budget. Just contact our office for more details.

Lawson factory internal fit out  
The engineering design of the structural steel and tilt-up concrete panels can greatly affect the construction cost. The tilt up panel design is very complex and needs to be designed by an experienced engineer who is very familiar with tilt up construction. The design and placement of the ferrels for construction is critical to the construction process.
The most economical form of factory construction is for the panels to be erected first and the structural steel fixed directly to the panels, eliminating the need for large steel posts. The negative is that the span of the steel without posts is restricted to around 14m, otherwise the size of the steel beams required starts to make construction uneconomical. The design will then need to progress to a steel portal frame system which is common for large industrial factory complexes.
Factories can be built from colorbond cladding but tilt-up concrete make the factories very resilient, secure and maintenance free. Clients should not make the common mistake of building cheap office and toilet amenities from timber frame and plasterboard or villaboard lining but stay with full brick / block or concrete construction to maintain the structural integrity of the design and minimise any future maintenance problems
Commercial project - office kitchenette 
Reception desk fit out 2012 Boystown project 
Commercial renovation with new suspended ceilings